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About Bill "The GolfFather" Cuebas

"The GolfFather"


Bill “The GolfFather” Cuebas was born in the BIG APPLE aka NYC. Although being raised in the Bronx, he spent a lot of his childhood in Manhattan.  He currently resides in parts unknown in a far far place called Florida. Okay a little bit of dry humor or is it wet Hmmm.

Bill likes many things, but loves only a few. One thing Bill found out is that he doesn’t like writing in the third person. Sooooo I’m taking over now!

I fell in love with golf around 10 years ago. My buddy knocked on my door and basically forced me to go to the range with him. I instantly became addicted, and purchased my first set of clubs 2-3 days later. Golf has given so many great memories and I have made some amazing friends because of playing. One great thing that I was proud to be part of was Play Famously with Mizuno. Being treated like a Pro is a highlight for sure.

For some reason I have been blessed with what some may call fans. I don’t know why my following continues to grow as it has, but they make all the things I do that much better.  I love sharing my passion for golf with them. It also allows me to share other things I love like the Charity Folds of Honor. Now, while I reside in Florida my Folds Chapter is the Folds of Honor Indiana. I will ALWAYS be a PROUD WINGMAN! #FreedomIsNotFree

My goal is to golf in every state and meet as many people I have been fortunate to get acquainted through social media. Let’s grow this great game of golf together!!!!